Referral Policy

  1. To be eligible for our referral policy, you must have at least one account with us either for a current farm or for a previous farm (that is, you must be a Farm Investor).
  2. Referee’s are expected to fill their referral’s email during registration.
  3. Referral commission is only for a minimum of five (5) farm units either by a single referee’s investment or by multiple referees.
  4. When you refer a new Farm investor up to the minimum of five (5) farm units, you would be entitled to a referral commission of 1.5% - where the referee invests via Direct Bank Transfer; or 0.5% - for investment via Paystack payment method.
  5. If you have an existing investment with us for the current farm, your referral commission will be added to your investment and paid alongside your Returns on Investment by the end of the farm tenure.
  6. In the case where a Farm Investor does not have a current farm investment but has an account with us (that is, has invested in a farm in time past), the referral commission will be cashed out/paid at the end of the farm tenure.
  7. In the case where you have no account with us yet, and you want to earn referral commission, your referral commission must sum up to 15% (and above)of the current farm investment capital for which you referred someone and will be paid at the end of the farm tenure. For instance, if the investment capital is #60,000 for one unit, the earned referral commission must sum up to 15% (and above) of #60,000 which will be a minimum of #9,000 to be paid out at the end of the farm tenure.
  8. The E-farms referral policy is applicable to both existing and prospective Farm investors.

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