Kaduna Soya Farm

Kaduna Soya Farm

ROI rate of 15.00% for 218 days at ₦50,000.00 per unit

Soybean is among the major industrial food crop; it is grown for its edible seeds and soil improvement potential. The seeds have about 20% oil, 38% protein and 30% carbohydrate. Because soybean is high in protein, it is a major ingredient in livestock feed.

Soybeans can be used to produce local cheese (meat substitute), milk, yoghurt, oil extract and flour and other industrial use. In Nigeria, the consumption of soybean has increased over the years, driven by poultry, fishery and edible oil industries.

Despite the growing demand from these industries, the production does not meet the increased demand in Nigeria. Nigeria produces 680,000 MT of soybean approximately and imports about 120,000 MT annually.

• Land Lease
• Farm inputs (improved soybean seed, fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides)
• Labour cost
• Farm operations (tillage, spraying, planting, harvesting and threshing)
• Insurance

Farm closed 3 years ago