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Investing In Agriculture – top reasons to invest in Agriculture

There are various reasons for an individual to decide on investing in agriculture. But there’s this question that comes up to the mind – “Why Invest in agriculture? “🤔

Before proceeding, note that the greatest investment a nation can make is investing in agriculture! Why?

Let’s go.😉

Nigeria as a main case study – with the increasing number of its population, that’s a feasible and strong market for agricultural products!😎

Agriculture in Nigeria is a branch of the economy in Nigeria, providing employment for about 30% of the population as of 2010.The sector is being transformed by commercialization at the small, medium and large-scale enterprise level. [1]

Most of the agricultural products consumed in Nigeria are being imported which leads to a great induction in the circular flow of income for all basic farmers in Nigeria. Thereby resulting to a low standard of living and illegal increase in price of agricultural products.😩

Below are detailed reasons why you need to invest in agriculture mainly Nigeria and Africa at large –

1. Existence of passion driven farmers💪 : Efficiency of labour can fully be measured and rated in African farmers, these farmers work with passion which makes their productions, capabilities, operations increase rapidly without increasing the number of farmers (labour). A country with efficient use of labour should scale higher in productions. But indeed it isn’t. Why?


Mike Hutchings photo on agriculture-https://www.weforum.org

Farmers are humans not machines 😏, the use of machines will greatly foster the work. But they have no access to it due to the high cost of purchasing various machines!

Your investments in vision driven organizations like efarms.com.ng(who makes tools available to farmers on a symbiotic business motive) would make a move in our agricultural system.😊

2. Involvement in scaleless / commercial cultivation: Since the demand for agricultural produce are relatively higher than the productions made within the country which leads to the importation of more produces to meet the market demand. Investments in farms would create more opportunities for greater farming inputs thereby resulting to greater productions. When productions made within the country covers the market demand, definitely there will be no room for other importations on agric. produce.👨 🌾

3. Poor storage techniques / systems: Farmers who luckily have the capacity of high cultivation / planting lacks adequate knowledge on how to preserve their produce to be available ahead of demand. Investing in organizations that train farmers about modern use of storage systems and various storage techniques, would be a profitable advice to reduce lost of produce since they will be stored properly.😄

Historically, practically, idealistically agriculture contributes

4. Irrigation systems : During the dry seasons, some regions find it hard to plant due to lack of water for their crops and livestock. It’s convincing to invest in projects (working towards mapping a well structured irrigation system to farms). There is a great need of investment in providing irrigation systems due to the fact that naturally some lakes / dams are reported to be shrinking thereby resulting to reduction in supply of water!💦💦

This system must be looked into as fast as possible to avoid any other form of disaster occurring.


irrigation system

There are some farming organizations available for investments who are working towards making agriculture the back bone of every economy which means Investing In Agriculture will never be a loss. 🤔

A good example of an organization is efarms – they work with practically tested strategies in farming (that is, in deciding what to plant, when to plant, where to plant, how to plant and many more). They are working tirelessly in ensuring that agricultural investors enjoy utmost profit from every single investment made.😎

They already digitized farming by creating an online farm where you have access to various farms and learn about what they do which makes it easy for investors to invest in various farms wisely.📱

So 😉, with these few key reasons it is quite advisable to start investing in Agriculture to make Nigeria a better place of living.😁



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