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What to know about Agricultural Investment in Nigeria

Agricultural investment in Nigeria over the years has seen an upward trend due to the relevance of the sector in a nation’s economy. Africa as a continent is blessed with over 60 percent of uncultivated land globally. Researches show that Nigeria has over 80 million hectares of arable land; hence, it means agriculture is a profitable and sustainable sector. This article helps with what you need to know about Agricultural investment in Nigeria.

In the 1960s, the agricultural sector as the mainstay of the Nigerian economy. It contributed majorly to employment and Gross Domestic Product before the advent of the crude oil  which then dominated the nation’s economy.  GDP from agriculture in Nigeria is expected to be 465,729.56 NGN million by the end of this quarter (Source: Trading Economics.com/ National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria).

But in recent times, the world market value of crude oil has plunge. Fortunately, this has redirected many investors back to the agricultural sector.

Investment in agriculture is relatively a low-risk portfolio diversification; offering profitable returns financially and also ensuring food security in the economy.


  • Source of economic growth
  • Source of financial income
  • Increasing cultivation and use of abundant arable lands
  • Job creation for youths and graduates
  • Strengthening food security for the nation
  • Improvement of farmer’s income with the use of quality inputs

Presently, crude agricultural practices has been discouraged with the advent of precision agriculture. This is owing to increase in growth of agri-businesses which supports the application of agricultural best practices and the greater participation of women and youths in agriculture. Moreover, with the population of Nigeria at about 180 million and with a high growth potential, there exists increasing opportunities to provide for food sustainability which is at our core.

E-farms, as a Nigerian based and owned agtech company, provides an online investment opportunity for investors with high returns upon harvest. Investment opportunities and returns varies according to the different farms; and investors are provided with the ease of investing online and the monitoring of farms.

As a means to encouraging greater youth participation in agriculture, E-farms also provides an agricultural training platform for passionate youths seeking to build a career in agriculture.

Agriculture plays a major role in scaling up employment rate. Most persons living in the rural and less populated communities depend on farmlands for their livelihood. With a stable increase in crops grown and sold locally and internationally, unemployment rate can be reduced; hence, improving the standard of living for Nigerians.

Investment in agriculture is also a way of investing in people; people (human capital) have become the most important factor in the wealth of nations. Knowledge, skills, and know-how collectively known as human capital are today an enormous share of global wealth and must be consistently developed for increasing development.

Invest in agriculture today!!!

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