Post-harvest losses and wastage in Africa is at an all-time high, 40-60% annually, and there is less total output per hectare of farm cultivated by farmer, a third of global yield averages as a result of disconnections between the different players in the agricultural ecosystem. This eventually makes farmers to want to cultivate much more farms to have more goods at their disposal. As a result, more land is cleared, leading to environmental degradation.

In light of these realities, is it realistic to dream of an Africa less than 1% post harvest loss? Many may say no, but at Efarms, we say an emphatic yes. And before we are accused of mere dreaming because, let’s face it, dreaming is free, we want to say that at Efarms, we are working the talk.

At, we provide farmers (Join u-Active Farmers) and would be graduate farmers (Join us-Graduate Farmers) to agricultural finance and training, through funds we source from individual and corporate agro-investors (Join us-Agro-Investors), so that they can grow produce. But that is hardly all we do. We also provide market linkages for sales of produce to produce offtakers who ar on our platform (Join us-Produce Buyers). That way, we are able to cut down on losses as a result of lack of market access. Join Efarms today!