Frequently Asked Questions

Efarms is a mobile/web based agricultural platform that aggregates funding from agricultural enthusiasts passionate about investing in the agricultural sector, uses this funds to finance farmers with expertise in different value chains, and shares the profit with the farmers and investors. We also run a farmers academy; which trains and funds Nigerian graduates, intending to get into agriculture, but lacking the skills and funds to do so.

Efarms runs a ‘Harambee’ model. Harambee is a Swahilli word which means pull together. At Efarms, we bring together investments from farming enthusiasts who have some funds to invest in the agricultural sector. These funds are used to finance farm clusters in different value chains. At the end of harvest, the investor recovers their money, and shares in the profit. The participating farmers as well as Efarms also partake in the profits.
Everyone, both individuals and corporate organizations, Nigerians, in Nigeria or in the diaspora, as well as non-Nigerians; it doesn’t matter if you are in paid employment, or self-employed, as long as you are passionate about the agricultural sector, and have some investible funds, you are welcome!
Each of our farm projects has a cost structure, and you can invest as much as you are able, of the farm project. You can invest in two or more farms, whether for the same farm, or a combination of farms. To see in detail how our farms are structured, explore our farms.
How much you make is dependent on the farm project you buy into. This is because different farm projects have different Return on Investment, Contract Period, and Investment Cost. The investor gets back his investment plus an ROI commensurate to the farm project he bought into. Explore our farms for further details
Each of our farm projects has a minimum investment amount. To see the minimal amounts for each farm project, explore our farms.
We let the investor determine his own investment ceiling, provided they are a combination of farm projects!
Efarms manages the different farm projects on behalf of all the investors; ensuring that agricultural best practices is followed, for optimal yield.
We make money, when you make money! We get to keep some percentage of the profit, after the investors and farmers have taken theirs.
Each of our farms has its own timeline, and as such different contract period. Explore our farms to see the different durations for each farm.
To guarantee the safety of every investor’s funds, all farm projects would be insured.
Everyone, from every country of the world is welcome to invest.
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